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About Glenn Hartelius, PhD

Glenn Hartelius, PhD, is an innovator in the development and application of tools to develop exceptional leadership skills, based on a psychology of the whole person. He offers these tools in workshop format for organizations, with individualized follow-up for leaders and key individuals.

Exceptional leadership skills are based on simple but subtle mental strategies that change your qualities of presence and positively impact those around you. The ability to connect effectively and authentically with others, the ability to hold a leadership role in a way that builds the confidence of your team, the power to hold a room in a way that inspires—these are skills that exceptional leaders possess but often cannot explain or teach to others. Glenn’s work goes behind the thinking mind, and shows how to easily access and use the invisible factors that power high level leadership skills.

Glenn’s work in whole person approaches to psychology includes founding and chairing a PhD program in Integral and Transpersonal Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, CA, which is a rigorous, research-based doctoral degree. He also serves as Main Editor for one of the major scholarly journals oriented toward whole person psychology, the International Journal of Transpersonal Studies.

Clients and students find Glenn’s leadership skill tools to be highly effective, and he is working with whole person neuroscience research in order to understand the brain and body mechanisms behind these techniques, so these breakthroughs can serve the broader field of psychology as well as in leadership applications. He is CEO and co-founder, with Michaela Aizer, of Attention Strategies, a 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation dedicated to researching and disseminating effective attentional strategies for leadership in business, and education.

Leadership in the Future of Psychology

Psychology: The psychology of tomorrow will reflect the whole person, and the whole of humanity. It will embrace the knowing of the heart and the body as well as the activity of the brain, and its treatments will reflect the many ways we are human, from Sao Paolo to Shanghai to San Francisco. As a leading voice in transpersonal psychology, Glenn has directed the field’s attention toward this global challenge.

Coaching: Glenn is a thought leader in areas of personal development, teaching skills based in presence, attention, and mindfulness for more than twenty years. Before the professional field of coaching took shape, he felt there was need for ways to work with people more directly and practically, and developed his own form of coaching practice.

Education: The California Institute of Integral Studies invited Glenn to come to the university to found an online PhD. His program combines the rigor of conventional research approaches with the diversity and inclusivity of whole person psychology, in a ground-breaking doctoral program.

Research: Glenn is part of a movement toward whole-person neuroscience that can combine the best of science with a study of the mind that is more inclusive of all ranges of human experience.


Designed for interested readers and professionals alike, The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Transpersonal Psychology is the most current and comprehensive handbook of this innovative whole person psychology field.

In summary, this volume succeeds in accomplishing a lot. It clearly provides an update on the accomplishments of transpersonal psychology. It also raises issues of profound importance both for the discipline of transpersonal psychology and for the broader field. It will serve as a useful reference for a comprehensive overview of the entire discipline for years to come. Anyone who claims to be a scholar of the entire field of psychology must read it. (PsycCRITIQUES, 23 June 2014)

Every person wanting to manage themselves from a position of understanding should read this book. This is a how-it-works manual for every human being. – Amazon Customer

As the most comprehensive and up-to-date book of its kind, The Ketamine Papers introduce a powerful new tool in the battle against depression, PTSD, and other psychological conditions. Ketamine has been used safely and effectively for more than 50 years as an anesthetic, and now it is being used with considerable success to provide relief to many whose depression does not respond to conventional treatment.

The Ketamine Papers illuminates the leading edge of the mainstreaming of the use of consciousness-changing drugs. This is a fascinating collection of papers that will provide the reader with unique insights into the future of psychiatry and psychotherapy .– Rick Doblin, Ph.D., Founder and Executive Director of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)

Here is an extraordinary collection of essays demonstrating that ketamine is more than just another molecule. If you are interested in the promise of ketamine as a tool of value in psychiatry, and/or you are interested in ketamine as a tool in exploring the nature of mind and the nature of what we call reality, then this book is for you! – David E. Presti, Ph.D., author of Foundational Concepts in Neuroscience: A Brain-Mind Odyssey

For related work, see the Research section below, and the International Journal of Transpersonal Studies — available free online at

Seminars & Coaching

Glenn has been working with individuals on cultivating new and underused whole person leadership resources for more than 20 years. His work teaches specific skills related to presence, personal power, creativity, and productivity, offered in the context of specific guidance on how and where to apply these in the daily challenges of professional work and life.

Clients include C-Suite leaders, Managing Partners, and Senior Vice Presidents, as well as other executive team members.

Individual coaching and corporate training programs are available — please send requests for information and pricing to

What Clients Say:

“This work with Glenn is distinguished from all the rest, and I can quite honestly say my life will never be the same. There is a vibrancy to my life – mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically – that I did not notice before.” -Executive in Environmental and Socio-Economic Assessment

“Through Glenn’s Attention Dynamics work, I have learned a distinct, new technique for using my attention, body, and posture when interacting with others. As a sensitive person, these techniques have enabled me to hold firmer boundaries, meet others with more honesty and directness, and enhance my personal inner strength. As a professional coach and yoga practitioner myself, Glenn Hartelius is a teacher and coach of choice even to those of us in the personal and human development industry.” -Managing Partner, Coaching Firm


Whole Person Psychology: Presenting a bold new vision for how to approach psychology in an interconnected and evolving world.

Birth of the Particle Myth: Traces the cultural roots of a scientific psychology that is unable to account effectively for mystical, spiritual, and exceptional human experiences—or even to adequately consider common and intimate experiences such as intuition, felt sense, creativity, and inspiration.

Normally, these talks are only available to doctoral students in the Integral and Transpersonal Psychology PhD, but now for a limited time they are available to the public.

Two-Lecture Set (six video segments): $29.95

Doctoral Education

The California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) doctoral degree in Integral and Transpersonal Psychology, founded by Glenn Hartelius, is one of the few programs in the world that offers an online PhD in whole-person approaches to psychology and that is a research-oriented program dedicated to systematic knowledge-building and the advancement of these fields.

Whole-person psychologies expand the horizons of conventional Western psychology to include mystical and spiritual experiences that transform and expand human consciousness, and by engaging in a comprehensive framework that includes the living systems of body, community, society, and the world as interconnected processes of evolution in a living, breathing cosmos. From this perspective, scientific work can be pursued with equal rigor as standard approaches, but it becomes possible to ask new and compelling research questions that lie close to the heart of what it is to be human.

For more information, visit the Integral and Transpersonal Psychology web pages or visit the CIIS website.


Mindfulness Day at the University of Florida, 2017. From left to right, Sabine Grunwald, Stuart Sovatsky, Glenn Hartelius, and Amrit Desai.

Keynote Speaker at University of Florida Mindfulness Day, 2017

Glenn Hartelius served as keynote speaker for the 2017 Mindfulness Day at the University of Florida. His talk was on, “Body maps of attention: How a whole person approach may inform the neuroscience of mindfulness.”. The event was organized by Sabine Grunwald, PhD, and her team of UF faculty and staff.

Harris Friedman, PhD, presents the Carmi Harari Early Career Award to Glenn Hartelius at the 2017 American Psychological Association Convention in Washington, D.C.

Prestigious Career Award from American Psychological Association

Glenn Hartelius received the prestigious Carmi Harari Early Career Award by the American Psychological Association. The Division 32 (Humanistic Psychology) award recognized Hartelius’ work to advance the field of transpersonal psychology since receiving his PhD in psychology in 2009.


EEG Correlates of Attentional Postures

This study, funded by a generous donation from the Melton Foundation, will test the hypothesis that a change in the bodily location of attention is associated with changes in EEG measurements. It has been suggested that states of consciousness change when the bodily location of attention shifts from one location to another—for example, when the source of attention shifts from the head down to the belly. If there is a measurable change in EEG readings, this would help to confirm that the felt experience of a change in attentional location corresponds with a change in brain activity.

The importance of this work is that states of consciousness are not well understood, and are difficult to measure. Given that much of conventional psychology assumes an ordinary state of mind in which thinking predominates, and has little clear understanding of how this differs from intuitive or meditative states, any insight into how brain activity correlates with a particular variable in lived experience could considerably advance the understanding of states of consciousness.

Body Maps of Mindfulness

This study, funded by a generous donation by Ashok Vaish, is designed to gather information about where the experience of attention arises from in mindfulness meditators. Similar work has already been done on flow states, but no such research has been attempted on mindfulness meditators. This work on the somatic phenomenology of mindfulness may be able to add a new dimension to definitions of mindfulness.

Anomalous Cognition under Electromagnetic Shielding Study

Along with Randy Fauver, Glenn serves as Principal Investigator for this study funded by BIAL Foundation, that attempts to replicate earlier work on the nature of consciousness. Several studies have suggested that psi ability—the ability to accurately predict symbols on cards that are hidden from the participant—actually increases when the person is shielded from electromagnetic radiation. If confirmed, this would suggest that transmission of information about a distant object could somehow be disrupted by electromagnetic radiation.

The current study advances this work by creating a triple-blind protocol, so that neither the participant, nor the research assistants, nor even the researcher, has knowledge of the experimental condition. It is sometimes thought that the expectations or beliefs of the researcher may somehow influence outcomes in psi research, since some researchers appear to obtain better results than others, rather consistently. In this innovative research design, no one on the research team has access to information about whether the person is in a condition of electromagnetic shielding or not, so presumably this would eliminate any effect that the beliefs of the researcher might have on the outcome of the study.

International Journal of Transpersonal Studies

The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies is a peer-reviewed academic journal that is prominent in the area of whole person psychology. Glenn Hartelius has served as an editor of the journal since 2007, and now holds the role of Main Editor. During his tenure, the journal has grown from fewer than 100 subscribers to more than 40,000 article downloads per year. The journal is now indexed with PsychINFO, the major psychology journal database of the American Psychological Association, along with other important databases, and has an impact factor of 0.23.

The following editorial introductions and papers by Glenn Hartelius offer a view of whole person psychology: